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Ghanaians are overly obsessed with sex – Popular Actress, Lydia Forson says

Popular Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson says Ghanaians are overly obsessed with sex even though they may be quick to condemn anyone who openly talks about it.

Lydia wondered why stories about sex spread like wildfire in Ghana
while a humanitarian gesture done by individuals and organizations do not get the
needed reach.

Lydia Forson reached a conclusion that Ghanaians are overly obsessed with issues of sex. She said;

“Ghanaians are OBSESSED with sex. They’ll act shocked, disgusted and quote scripture to anyone who talks openly about it.

But there’s a reason why a story with a sexual reference will spread faster than on about raising money to build a school”.

Even though her conclusion may be argued by other citizens of the country, you may recall that we reported that a 24-year old Ghanaian lady opened up on why she sleeps with 600 men in a year. According to the Ghanaian lady, she opted for prostitution so as to survived the harsh economy in the country. She said she started facing the harshness of the economy when her jealous friends made her boyfriend who was sponsoring her to dump her.

“My boyfriend whom I met when I went to visit an uncle who was sponsoring my education. We had agreed to get married as soon as possible. Then some people I regarded as friends started peddling wicked lies against me and without confirming if what they were saying was true or false, he called it quits just like that.

They told him I had an incurable disease. So, I decided to help myself because my parents cannot do anything for me. We are poor. My father used to be a driver but he is now unemployed while my mother is a full time housewife. Sometimes, she sells vegetables”, Akua narrated.

It is believed that right now, around the world, sex sells. You may notice this through the dressing and lyrics of most artistes in recent time.

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