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How Togolese Cook Murdered My Husband – Wife Of Late Boss Narrates In Court.

Lagos – The first prosecution witness and wife of the late Chief Executive Officer of Credit Switch Limited, Mr Opeyemi Gbademosi, on Tuesday narrated to a Lagos State High Court, sitting in Igbosere how their Togolese Cook murdered her husband in cold blood. 

Mrs Ebunoluwa Gbademosi told the court how her husband was killed by a cook, three days after he got to their house.The 22-year-old Togolese cook, Sunday Anani, is facing a two-count charge of murder and armed robbery preferred against him, by the Lagos State government.

While being led in evidence by Shitta-Bay, the witness said that on a fateful day, she had gone to Polaris Bank, at Falomo, to do some transfers to Dubai and China, and by the time she came back, she saw blood flowing from her husband’s room.

She said that while she was about leaving the bank, the deceased had angrily called her, and was asking her why the defendant was knocking at his door, and also asked if she was back from the bank, she said no that she was on her way.

Gbademosi said that the deceased, later told her that he will open the door to find out what the defendant, wants.

According to her, before she left the house, for the bank, she had told the defendant that ‘Oga dey sleep’ (that her husband was still sleeping), that he shouldn’t wake him up, that he should continue with the cleaning of the house which he was about starting when she was leaving the house.

She said that she had not seen her husband that morning, as they do not share the same room, so she just told the defendant that she was going out and would be back soon.

The witness further told Justice Mobolanle Okikiolu-Ighile that she got to the bank at exactly 8:05 am.She said: “I left the bank and drove through Bourdillon and went home.

The security man opened the gate, I drove in and I went through the kitchen door to gain access into the building through the kitchen door but it was locked.

“I knocked severally, calling on the defendant, but he didn’t come to open the door. Between my husband’s bedroom and the kitchen door, was a distance, so I felt he must be doing something for him.

So I waited by the kitchen door for a while.”“While I was waiting, I got a call from my sister, at Ibadan and we spoke for about  5-6 minutes. At some point, I brought out my phone from my bag and called my husband.

“Then I realized that the phone was being picked, but he was not responding, I called him twice and it was showing minutes counting but nobody was talking.

At that stage, I went downstairs and decided to pass through the front door, thinking if I get there, there would be somebody at the door. By the time I got to the front door, I realized that the door was left ajar,” the witness stated.

“I entered the apartment and by the time I got in, I looked up and I saw blood flowing out, from my husband’s bedroom.

I couldn’t enter my husband’s bedroom because the door was a bit opened and I could see his body lying on the floor and because I wasn’t sure of what could be happening inside, the bedroom, I ran out of the building and started screaming, calling to my neighbours for help.

A couple of people came, I told them to go up and check that something was happening, that I don’t know what exactly it is.

”She also told the court that she kept running and then asked the security man at the gate, “Where is that guy that oga brought into the house?

What is happening? Who is inside the house?”

Gbademosi told the Justice Okikiolu-Ighile, that the security ran towards the Parkview gate, like 2 kilometres from the house and informed him that the defendant had told him that he was sent on an errand.

“Immediately people started coming; my next door neighbour and her driver were going upstairs and I followed them but I stood at a distance and they came out and said he was gone (my husband is gone), and that the defendant was not inside the house.

Then I passed out,” she said.The witness said: “By the time I woke up, I aw a crowd around me, inside the house, my husband’s corpse was lying down there.

They took me downstairs because they didn’t want me to see the corpse. The police later came and took his corpse away in an ambulance. He was buried on November 21, 2018.

”She further stated that on the day of the incident, October 31, the police obtained a statement from her, adding that she was traumatized and not in the right frame of mind when the police were questioning her.

Gbademosi said that about 10 days later, the police came and led her back into the house, and it was then that she discovered that her husband’s five wristwatches were stolen.

The defendant took her husband’s phones, opened all his briefcases and drawers and scattered them on the floor.

When asked during cross-examination by the Director of the Office of the Public Defender (OPD), Mrs Aderenra Adeyemi, if there was any emergency when the deceased called her, she said no that he was just upset, wondering why the defendant will be knocking on his door.

When asked if she had a cordial relationship with her husband, she said, “I have a very cordial relationship with my husband.”She was also asked if she cooks for her husband and she said: “I do cook for my husband.

”Adeyemi put it to her that because of her strained relationship with her husband, she didn’t relate well with the defendant.

“I do not have strained relationship with my husband,” Mrs Gbademosi answered.The defence counsel also accused her of not receiving the defendant.She said, “I was there; I received the three of them on Sunday, I offered food and my husband said that they had eaten at Magodo.

”The witness had earlier informed the court that she discovered on Monday that the defendant who was brought in on Sunday by her husband, as the cook, could not cook, as he told her that he doesn’t know how to use the microwave and couldn’t switch on the gas cooker.

She said that she took him around the apartment on Monday and Tuesday and told him, what to do and before she left for the bank, he was with a mop, detergent and bucket ready to clean the house when she left.

The witness said that they got the defendant through her late husband’s friend’s houseboy, in Ondo state, after their former domestic staff left sometime in September 2018.However, Justice Okikiolu-Ighile, adjourned the case till June 11, for the continuation of trial.Anani is facing a two-count charge of murder and armed robbery.

The defendant allegedly committed the offence on October 31, 2018, at Parkview Estate in Ikoyi, Lagos.He stabbed the deceased Opeyemi Gbademosi, 67, to death with a knife and stole his valuables including his phone.

The offence committed by the defendant is punishable under Sections 223 and 297 of the criminal law of Lagos State 2015.He, however, pleaded not guilty to the crime.

Earlier the defendant’s counsel informed the court that they would be opting for a plea bargain and that they had approached the DPP and that they were asked to write an application to that effect.

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