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Pallbearers abscond after corpse falls from casket (Video)

A new shocking video that has since gone viral, shows the moment family members, loved ones and guests of a deceased’s burial were left in disbelief when the casket with the remains of the dead inside, fell out.

The dancing pallbearers at the funeral lost their balance and grip of the casket with the corpse inside while grooving to a song.

Pallbearers abscond

The video shows the corpse then falling off of the casket after the dancing pallbearers lost their hold of the casket – family members and guests can be then heard exclaiming in shock.

Watch the video below,

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  1. Dr. Peter Ejirika,CPA, Scholarly Practitioner, Montgomery, West Virginia

    Can a Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ preach against Pall Bearers dancing with Caskets as such dancing will not bring the dead back to life? Can a preacher in Ibo land preach against such obscenity for vanity upon vanity said the preacher all is vanity as the dead would never come back to life. In the days, Bishop Unegbu and Nwankiti will preach against such obscenity but today our sins have blinded us as a people. Our Sins have made us to sell our babies for only three hundred thousand naira or pennies, May God Forgive us, our sins, for we now have retrobate minds.

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