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Royal Biographer: Meghan Markle wasn’t the only woman Prince Harry was dating.

Meghan Markle wasn’t the only woman Prince Harry was dating when the pair met. According to a royal biographer, he was also dating a Burberry model.

Angela Levin explains in her book that the now Duke of Sussex met Sarah Ann Jacklin at a party and the pair hit it off.

The Express quotes the book:

 “During the very early stages of his relationship with Meghan, Harry was thought to have gone on dates with Burberry model Sarah Ann Jacklin.

“They met at a private party, he took her number and bombarded her with texts. But it turned out to be just a fling.”

She added that Meghan Markle was also at the tail end of her relationship with her ex.

“A friend said: ‘They got on but are quite different. She is very clean-living and barely drinks, and in that respect they were on a different wavelength. Harry was a bit noncommittal.’

“There has been some confusion too about whether or not Meghan had at the time broken up with her boyfriend of two years, celebrity chef Cory Vitiello.”

According to her, the affair was long before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arranged a second date.

“They quickly arranged to see each other again (after the first date), this time at Soho House in London where another of their mutual friends Markus Anderson works.

“Anderson arranged for them to have a discreet table at the private member’s club, and because there is a no cameras policy, the couple enjoyed a relaxed date without the worry of being photographed.

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