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US Embassy advises Nigerians on dress code for visa application interview

The United States Embassy in Nigeria has clarified that dress code is not a requirement for obtaining the country’s visa.

Speaking during a Facebook live session on Wednesday, Consular Officers said the applicants could come for interview in traditional Nigerian dresses which they find unique.

The officials, who addressed common mistakes seen on DS 160 application form, maintained that an applicant does not need to know anyone in the US or have a prior travelling experience to be granted a visa.

When asked if dress code is being considered during interviews, an official said: “No. It’s not a consideration when doing your interview.

“Be comfortable. Don’t feel like you need to put on a suit if you don’t usually wear a suit. Don’t wear a suit. Wear what you would wear if you are going to any normal appointment.

“We want you to be you. We want you to be as relaxed as possible for the interview. Talk to us.”

On Monday, the Embassy insisted that contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t enjoy denying Nigerians visa.

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  1. It is still an advantage going to a visa interview with proper dress and presentable.

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